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Backup Linux and MacOS cli tool config using Mackup

If you are looking for a solution to stop struggling while trying to keep in synch ssh, git or other cli tool within all your MacBook nor Linux systems, there’s a great tool which I just found today … and this tool is mackup In my use case, I’m using several MacBook devices and don’t want to waste my precious time by doing some dirty rsync or keeping my ssh config in a Git repo hosted on GitLab nor GitHub....

March 13, 2023 · 2 min · Davide
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How to test a new Docker setup

Once you’ve setup Docker on your server, there’s an easy way to make sure Docker is running fine. Ways to check Docker Use docker info command Whatever system you’ve installed Docker on, you can test Docker by running the command below docker info which should output something like … Client: Context: default Debug Mode: false Plugins: buildx: Docker Buildx (Docker Inc., v0.9.1) compose: Docker Compose (Docker Inc., v2.13.0) dev: Docker Dev Environments (Docker Inc....

January 5, 2023 · 3 min · Davide

Delete all stopped Docker containers in one command

Operating dozens of Docker containers on a single host could be problematic. If you are looking for a simple way to delete only stopped containers on your server, you can use the shell script snippet below for container in `docker ps -a --filter "status=exited" --format '{{ .Names}}'`; do echo -e "Removing zombie container $container" docker rm -v $container done Hope it helps 😃

December 2, 2022 · 1 min · Davide
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Upgrading Freenas 11.2 to 11

Trying to upgrade my NAS running FreeNAS-11.2.8 to latest FreeNAS-11.3 using FreeNAS web UI, but it was failing with no much useful error message. After some research, I decided to have a closer look at the freenas-update command which seem’s to make the job like … root@nas:/mnt/zfs_vol_raidz1 # freenas-update -T FreeNAS-11.3-STABLE -v update but it failed again with the command output below [freenasOS.Configuration:601] TryGetNetworkFile(['https://update-master.ixsystems.com/updates/ix_crl.pem']) [urllib3.connectionpool:824] Starting new HTTPS connection (1): update-master....

October 19, 2021 · 4 min · Davide

Deploying Hugo website with AWS Amplify

While trying to deploy one of my Hugo website using AWS Amplify , I had an issue while trying to continously deploy the website as AWS Amplify wasn’t able to detect which Framework I was using in my git repository. The solution I’ve found was to enforce the installation of hugo binary in the build phase of the frontend. Here below a sample of the yaml configuration I’ve used (here using Hugo = v0....

July 24, 2021 · 1 min · Davide

VirtualBox - Fix VMDK inconsistency

If like me, you were running VirtualBox and the volume where virtual machines reached 100% disk capacity, you’ve certainly seen a message like below while trying to start your preferred vm. VMDK: inconsistency between grain table and backup grain table After searching for a solution, I’ve found a quick and easy way to repair the vmdk vm disk(s). First of all, you need to download and install VmWare Workstation Pro from VmWare website....

October 25, 2018 · 1 min · Davide

Get Zimbra Version

If you need to know which version of Zimbra is running on your server, use steps described below Connect to your Zimbra server using ssh $ su - zimbra and run this command $ zimbra@zimbra:~$ zmcontrol -v Release 8.7.11.GA.1854.UBUNTU16.64 UBUNTU16_64 FOSS edition. Hope it helps !

July 18, 2018 · 1 min · Davide

Using dia on OS X

For those who already tried to run Dia on their MacBook, iMac, etc. You should have notice that Dia simply doesn’t work, at least that’s what I saw when I’ve tried to use it 😉 Please find below a quick fix to run it Quick solution Simply run Dia using the terminal as below DISPLAY=:0 /Applications/Dia.app/Contents/Resources/bin/dia Enjoy ! Inspired by http://navkirats.blogspot.ch/2014/10/dia-diagram-mac-osx-yosemite-fix-i-use.html

May 30, 2017 · 1 min · Davide

GitList setup - fixing permissions

Here’s a simple quick tip about GitList setup. Trying to install the latest version of GitList , I faced a problem with the error message below Please, edit the config file and provide your repositories directory My git repositories are located under the directory /home/gituser/public and here’s below what I did to fix it up First, modify groups of Apache user # usermod -G gitusergroup apache Then fix your git home folder permissions like this...

October 29, 2013 · 1 min · Davide

Logwatch - Keep an eye on your system activity

This article shortly explain how to install and configure logwatch on your Centos/RHEL/Fedora server in order to keep an eye on it Requirements working MTA (mail transport agent) like postfix, exim, sendmail, etc. root access (or sudo privileges) on the server Installation Install the logwatch package as usual # yum install logwatch -y Copy the default configuration file # cp -v /usr/share/logwatch/default.conf/logwatch.conf /etc/logwatch/conf/logwatch.conf Then modify with your preferred editor as your need (see the example below)...

October 29, 2013 · 2 min · Davide