Downgrade Grub 2 default option after Xen kernel upgrade


After I’ve upgraded the Linux kernel on my Fedora 18 server, I’ve faced a “kernel panic” on the next reboot.
After few investigations, I found out that the new kernel version is buggy … 🙁


In order to get your system back as it was is to change the grub 2 configuration to point to the previous kernel version. Here’s how I did the stuff

First, list all menu entries from your Grub 2 configuration (as root)


You should get something like this

Detect the entry for the previous kernel version (the working one) and set it to default boot entry

Make a backup copy of your grub.cfg file

Then set the new default boot menu entry

Then check the default option

In order to see what’s going on during the boot process, edit the /etc/sysconfig/grub file by removing rhgb and quiet on the line starting with

Write your new Grub2 configuration

Reboot and cross your finger 😉

After successfull reboot, check if you boot with the right kernel (as root)

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