Check your laptop battery health

Want’s to know what’s your preferred laptop batterry health from command linux ?
Here’s below two useful commands which will do it for you ?

What do we need ?

First of all, you have to make sure that acpi and upower packages are installed on your system.
To verify this, it’s simple as …

If you get a message saying (for upower)

If that’s the case, use your preferred packages manager (yum, zypper, apt, emerge or whatever) to install those two packages.
Your OS distribution have certainly those two packages in a repo, somewhere in the universe 😉

Dear battery, disclose some useful information


acpi – Shows battery status and other ACPI information (man page)

Or combine two options

In order to check the battery health, check the last full capacity percentage (must be 100%).
If you get less than 90%, that means your battery is getting old 😉


upower is a simple command line client for the UPower daemon (man page)

First, ensure the service (daemon) is running

If see no process running, check if the service is started (for sure, you know how to do that)

Let’s play with it

The -e option enumerate the devices

Then details about the last enumerated device

As you can see, the last upower command give more useful informations (see in bold)

Hope you’ll envoy !! Cheers




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