CSS issue while upgrading Gitlab CE from 8.11.11 to 8.12.1

I was facing broken CSS after upgraded Gitlab CE from 8.11.11 to 8.12.1, I found a way to fix the problem without having to roll-back to previous version.

The problem I got is that once I’ve upgrade Gitlab CE to 8.12.1, the login page had no CSS applied, it looks hugly and plus the login form didn’t work 🙁

First, make sure you’ve made a backup of both Gitlab configuration and data

Run the commands below and make sure you keep those backups in a safe place

Backup Gitlab configuration

and don’t forget data too …

Gitlab CE documentation is very well done, don’t hesitate to have a look

Once you have a recent backup of your Gitlab instance, run the commands below to fix the CSS issue

and then

This should fix the CSS problem I got
Hope it will help you 🙂


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