FreeNas – Renaming ZFS Pool

Here’s a quick post which explain how to safely rename a ZFS Pool (Volume) with FreeNAS

This quick how to work fine even if you have ZFS DataSet with data into this volume

Important: do NOT use this procedure if you’re using FreeNAS 9.x or newer, if you do so, you’ll not be able to manage your ZSF pool from the Web UI anymore. You’ve been warned 😉

First steps

  • Connect to your FreeNAS server trough ssh
  • Disable any share service like CIFS, AFS or NFS

Renaming the ZFS Pool

First step, run the command below in order to export the ZFS Pool

Then import and rename the ZFS Pool with the command below

Detach the volume

Logon onto the WEB UI with your admin account

Detach the volume with the option

Go to the storage section and click on Auto Import Volume (do not enable the Mark as new option)

freenas - detach volume

Then restart your server

Import the volume

Logon into the WebUI then go to the storage section and click on Auto import Volume

freenas - zfs volumes
Then enjoy your volume renamed with all ZFs DataSet intact

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