Managing KVM guest from MS Windows

Here’s below a short guide explaining how to manage KVM guests from a MS Windows Desktop


Follow this great tutorial first

Then once you are ready, open an ssh session on your server and set the DISPLAY environment variable

Use the ip address of the client running the X-Ming server

Then simply run virt-manager with sudo

Fixing authentication problem

When I’ve first tried to run virt-manager from my user account, I’ve face the error message below

Virtual Machine Manager Connection Failure
Virtual Machine Manager Connection Failure

The error message is …
Unable to connect to libvirt
authentication failed: no agent is available to authenticate

It was simply because I was trying to run virt-manager without root privileges 😉

How I’ve fixed it

Run virt-manager with sudo

Fixing (virt-manager:): WARNING **: Could not open X display

In this case, you have to disable host access control

If it still doesn’t work, make sure that …

  • X11Forwarding is set to Yes in the ssh daemon configuration (host side)
  • you’ve enabled the X11Forarding on the ssh client (see above)
  • there’s no firewall between the server and the client blocking the traffic

In order to troubleshoot, I found useful to check X-Ming log file to see what’s going on

Enjoy 😉


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