Nagios – Installing check_as400 plugin

This post describe all the steps required to monitor your Systemi server(s) with the plugin check_as400 for Nagios.

Install Java runtime

I wouldn’t describe how to install JRE here 😉
But please note that you’d need to install jdk if your system is running in different language than english.

Setup the plugin

Download check_as400 plugin form Nagios Exchange

Create plugin directory

Copy necessary file into that directory

Create auth file

Change plugin directory owner

Modify Java path in script

Change permission of check_as400 script

Test the plugin

For different language (optional)

If your system is running on another language than english, follow the steps below

Move into check_as400 directory

Then copy the java class file of your language (substitute french with your language)

and compile it


Plugin official web site:
Based on:

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