VirtualBox to ProxMox KVM

I had a bunch of VirtualBox virtual machines in my test and dev environment which I wanted to migrate to ProxMox for different reasons.
After some research in ProxMox documentation, I’ve found a efficient and pretty easy way to do it, so here I’m sharing in this post how to do it.

Before you start

From VirtualBox GUI, stop the virtual machine you want to “convert” and export it in a ova format.

Once the export is completed, run the command below to decompress the ova archive

If the virtual machine disk format is not in qcow2 format, you’ll need to convert it using VirtualBoxManage command

This has to be done for each disks of the virtual machine

Import into ProxMox

From ProxMox GUI, create a new KVM guest.

Then import the virtual machine disk in qcow2 format into this KVM guest

replace targetvmid by the vm id in ProxMox

replace local by the storage name you’re using

Once the disk import is done, you should see the import disk in the Hardware pane of the KVM guest.

Start the KVM guest

As of now, you should be able to start the KVM guest and see if everything goes fine.

Depending on the operating system you were running on VirtualBox, you might need to fix some network configuration or so.

In my case, I had to change some parameters of the imported disk to get it recognized in the KVM guest.
Before that, it was showing up as Unused

Cleaning up

Once the KVM started and all potential issues fixed, it might be a good idea to clean up the new KVM guest by removing VirtualBox guest addition tool (if you’ve installed it).

Hope it helps and enjoy !

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